Leverage Google Webmaster Tools to Track and Improve Your Mobile App Performance in SERP

Only having a mobile app for your business is not sufficient. Its awareness among the users is the second most important task to get worth of your mobile app. There are various ways and channels you can market and promote your mobile app through. The latest one is through search engines which you can include in your other marketing activities. Google has already started indexing Apps as like websites to display them in SERP results.

So it’s very important for a webmaster to know the status of your mobile app to rectify the existing issue and to build future strategy.

Webmaster Tools for Tracking APP Performance

Google is not providing only app indexing but also offers features in Google webmaster tools to track and monitor app performance. Following task can be done through webmaster tools:


Gives your app developer access to webmaster tools:

As a webmaster you can provide access of webmaster tools to your app developers so that they can access this tool directly to find key information to fix app-related issues. With the help of this tool developers can track the following things:

• Errors in indexed pages within apps.

• Weekly clicks and impressions from app deep link via Google search.

• States on your sitemap (if that’s how you app deep).

Any verified site owner can add a new user. Pick restricted or full permissions, depending on the level of access you’d like to give:


Track how your app is performing in search results:

The key performance indicator of any app is user engagement with it. Webmaster tools enables webmaster/developers to track performance for your app deep link:

• You can find clicks and impressions within the message centre in your webmaster tool.

• You can now track how much traffic app deep links drive to your app using referrer information.


Crawling Status of key app resources:

Through the Crawl Error report section within webmaster tool you can check the status of key app resources if they are getting properly crawled or not.

If crawler is unable to access any resources then it shows ‘mismatch’ error. For example, if any resources is blocked then crawler unable to render that resource and shows crowing error. Through this section you can track all issues related to crawling.


Tracking Android app error:

Despite ‘Content mismatch’ and ‘Intent URI not supported’ error alerts, there other three types of error that can be tracked through webmaster tools. These are:

APK not found: When crawler is unable to find the package corresponding to the app.

No first-click free: the link to your app does not lead directly to the content, but requires login to access.

Back button violation: after following the link to your app, the back button did not return to search results.

We hope the above information is helpful to know about App indexing (Appiness) and implementation of webmaster tools to track and improve your mobile app performance in search engine results page.

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