Smartphone Apps are Changing Consumer’s Shopping Behavior

Is mobile apps are changing the shopping behavior of customers? If we look at the recent studies then the answer is, yes! According to the recent studies, about 66% or 2/3rd of the US consumers are more likely to buy from the shop having a mobile app compared to the one which doesn’t have an app.

Mobile retail marketing has changed over the period of time and also the shopping patterns or behaviors have changed e.g. the location based marketing is one of the newest addition into this developing and changing trend. The report from Apigee called “The Mobile Mandate for Retail – 3 criteria for making the most of mobile apps in retail”, recommends that the figure has risen to 84% when it comes to consumers who regularly use the apps for carrying out various tasks. These consumers are termed as app ‘power users’. People are increasingly using app related to ecommerce or in other words, shopping apps for various reasons like busy schedules, no need to travel anywhere and product is delivered at your doorstep and also slashed prices and sales. Nevertheless, whatever is the reason behind using the app for shopping, a consumer always think ahead and never forgets to compare the prices with other stores although using a mobile app has made it easier. There are some sites which also allows you to compare the products and let you know the best price offered for any product.

Are mobile apps affecting the physical store services?

There are many things or products which confuses the customer while buying online e.g. a jewelry piece. A customer can’t decide whether it will look good on them or not. Also buying a new perfume maybe. Here physical stores are important because the product is in front of them and they can wear it or try it before making the decision. This actually means building a trust in a customer. However, an online shopping doesn’t not give you a freedom to try the stuffs while buying it. Here, marketers and developers are planning to take a technically advance step to bridge this gap between the physical store and online store and coming up with this futurist application for retail sector. This technology is known as augmented reality. Developers are still working on this proposed application which will give you a virtual reality world (here you can see, hear, sense and smell), where you can try these products easily with the help of a gadget and an application. So with the challenging business needs many retail sectors would definitely include this application in their business for more customers and better customer experience.

What are the actual 4 trends which are affecting the consumer buying behavior?

Price Comparison: As discussed above, the price comparing with other ecommerce portals, discounted prices and also the coupons etc. always influenced a customer to go for online shopping.

Social Media Influence: Today social media has a great impact over the consumer and their buying behavior. While surfing on these social media if something fascinating or captivating product charmed the customer then he/she would definitely goes for it. And if he/she can find the reviews and likes of his/her friends and family over the same product then the purchases are more likely.

Strong Customer Relationship: Today marketing is not one directional and it has become now multi-directional. Which definitely helps in building that trust and comfort in the customer. Today consumers are smart and there is nothing by which you can make fool out of it. So if you really want to become a leader; customer satisfaction is the key to lead it.

Flash Retailers: The closeness of mobile shopping creates new opportunities for consumers to be updated on these latest deals on flash sales sites. There are more than 40% of Active Mobile Consumers who uses flash sites, which is more than twice the percentage of Mobile Window Shoppers. Flash sites are also distracting the market by capturing share of planned purchases from other sources.

So at the end, the rise of mobile app development definitely not just lead to many other things which will ultimately make our life easy but also it provides a feature to a marketer by which they can maintain the trust and harmony with customers.

Business Mobiles - A Great Tool for Efficient Business Management

Business mobiles, and the bales that appear with them, have to be called with a lot of care. The needs of your business are absolutely altered from others. Quite obviously, your specific business needs are altered from others. The adaptable amalgamation that you accept have to accommodated your accurate business needs precisely.

Business mobiles appear with a array of appearance but not all of them ability be advantageous to you. You ability wish to use adaptable for communications as able-bodied as barter of assorted forms of information. Business bales are answerable according to their acceptance or on a collapsed account rate. You have to absorb time compassionate the packages, the account and the applications a lot of bare for your blazon of business afore you agree on a handset or a package.

Business adaptable phones can be a abundant time saver. You can acquaint with your agents or managers beyond locations after the charge to biking abundantly to be physically present at sites and offices. Adaptable buzz manufacturers are bound acquainted the charge for designing phones that appear in accessible for businessmen for able as able-bodied as claimed applications. There are account providers who action customized affairs that are advised accurately for businesses so that they can allotment advice beyond the apple calmly and barter abstracts after accepting admission to a PC or laptop.

Business mobiles act as a acceptable admonition service. You can abundance data about meetings, accessories and tasks that can sometimes be abandoned in the accent and ache of managing a business. You can get latest updates about sales from acreage agents on a circadian basis, get banal positions, apperceive area of sales admiral and accumulate a tab on their targets and achievements after abrogation the abundance of your office. Easy accessibility to your absolute agents time extenuative are two of the important appearance of a business adaptable phone.

iPad Application Development for Modern Business

iPad, according to a lot of of the humans is just for entertainment. In fact, this is a delusion because of benightedness of the fact. iPad is accessory which can serve assorted purposes. It has functionalities to be acclimated for business too. With the advice of iPad, one carries out a advanced arrangement of business operations. The alone limitation that the iPad has as adjoin iPhone is that one can telecommunicate through iPhone but this is not accessible in case of iPad.

Some of the arresting iPad applications are as follows.

Learning business: In the apple of business it is apperceive that there is annihilation connected except change. To survive and accumulate the competition, every the sun rises with a new claiming and sets with a new experience. This agency that acquirements is binding for the avant-garde day business men. There are iPad applications advised abnormally for acquirements the business and strategies to handle it finer and efficiently. The iPad is able with a abounding advance on acquirements business.

There are added than 1500 flashcards in this adaptable acquirements application. There is a advanced arrangement of capacity on business calm from the top 17 accepted business courses. These advice to adept every aspect of the business. The advance does not bind the abecedarian to the abridgement of study. Unlike the accepted Flashcards that are just based on questions and answers, the flashcards in this appliance accept the account and acumen for any acknowledgment getting appropriate or wrong. All the flashcards accept mentioned on itself the area of the advance argument on which it is dependent.

For managing business professionally one needs to accept an appointment suit. The appointment clothing offered through iPad appliance development includes altered types of apparatus including excel sheet, documents, and ability point.

The iPad appliance allows the user to adapt the advance bedding or documents. There is a ability adapt approach which if switched on allows the user to accept accesses to the multi-edit apparatus box. There is no charge to accessible or abutting the assorted airheaded to architecture the numbers, text, paragraphs, beef and/or the background.

The iPad appliance development facilitates simple aeronautics through the files and the folders by traveling angular or vertically. This optimizes the account of individual awning view. The advice in the files can be advised actual easily.